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Hettich ComfortSpin Rotating Spinning Tray 360°

  • The ComfortSpin from Hettich offers a rotation of 360 degrees and its rotary movement even partially extends out of the refrigerator.
  • Everything in view: comfort spin is the fastest way to enjoy your food. Jars, containers or jams no longer have to be cleared away
  •  It can be removed comfortably for cleaning at any time.
  • This innovative spinning tray can safely be used in combination with any food items, as it is produced from food grade materials.



Out of sight, out of mind: the problem is familiar to everyone.

Items standing or lying at the back of the cupboard quickly get forgotten.

Prime example: food in the refrigerator. Often, yogurts and the like only go bad because they disappear into the depths of the refrigerator. Or the funny mess in the bathroom cabinet cluttered with makeup equipment, tubes and creams. Whatever you happen to look for, it is always hiding somewhere at the back.

Rescue is close at hand: ComfortSpin lets everyone turn chaos into order. The movable platform not only turns contents through 360 degrees but also moves them out slightly, making everything easy to reach. The back is at the front and vice versa. At last there's an end to forgotten food or rummaging about in the disarray at the back of the cupboard.

Measuring 28.5 x 42.5 cm, the turntable fits into almost any refrigerator, bathroom cabinet or larder unit and is ready for use in just a few simple steps: screw the holder in place or attach it to the glass or furniture shelf with Tesa Powerstrips® or suction pads, clip in ComfortSpin - and turning convenience can begin.

It is simply taken out again for cleaning.

The practical invention has already won the iF gold award 2019 and was voted Kitchen Innovation of the Year® by the independent "LifeCare" initiative for particularly consumer friendly products.


Item Weight  1.64 Kg
Product Dimensions  42 x 28 x 3.7 cm
Item model number  9264627
Item Package Quantity  1
Included Components  Hettich Comfort Spin spinning tray

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