Business & Industry Refrigeration

Maintaining a premium level of performance is expected of appliances in all areas of professional use.

Liebherr has developed a special range combining high refrigerating capacity, high quality components, high quality workmanship and fittings tailor made to meet these standards and to ensure a long service life.

Liebherr is the first manufacturer to have changed over to environmentally friendly HFC-free refrigerants for its entire range of professional refrigerators and freezers for commercial use.


The current range of Professional Liebherr Appliances Brochures:

Refrigeration and freezers Horeca

2019 Professional Range

Drinks Industry 2016

Refrigerator Drinks Industry 2017 / 2018

Bakery 2016

Customised branding – optimised merchandising

Food Retail 2016

Island Merchandiser Food Retail for Enhanced Product Presentation

Refrigerator and Freezers General Purpose 2016 / 2017

Island Merchandiser Food Retail

Laboratory Technical Sales Manual

Counter Top Refrigerators & Freezers 2019

NAA Professional Liebherr Core Range 2017

Smart Monitoring Gastro 2017

NAA Professional Liebherr Core Range 2017

NAA Professional Core Range 2018

Refrigerator and Freezers Research and Laboratory

Refrigerators and Freezers Laboratory & Pharmacy 2019

Laboratory Technical Sales Manual

Laboratory Technical Sales Manual

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