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Built-in home appliances.

With delightfully innovative technologies and availability in a wide range of niches sizes, our built-in fridges and freezers are designed to integrate beautifully within your kitchen. When developing our built-in range, we place particular emphasis on incorporating customised features just for you and, as a result, our built-in appliances offer a host of versatile options that meet all sorts of storage requirements.


The Pure Series is our basic class. Simple, clear and perfectly equipped for all essential needs. Appliances in the Pure Series are stripped down to the essentials. But full to the brim with the highest level of Liebherr quality
PURE - IRF5101


The Plus Series builds on our Pure Series and has many impressive additional details. Above all, plus means a plus in comfort. The appliances not only provide first-class refrigerating and freezing, they are also just that little bit smarter. They help make much of the handling a little easier.
PLUS - IRe4520


With the Prime Series things get much more classy. It makes an unmistakable mark in terms of design and material. Above all, genuine materials are used inside the appliances, such as stainless steel. But also special lighting solutions make the appliances in this Series.
PRIME - IRBd 4150


The Peak Series sits at the top of our Series. This combines the best with the best. There is no compromise. Innovative Liebherr technology meets high-end design and comfort solutions that are simply the best in its class. Appliances in this Series are for those who want everything.
PEAK - ICBd5182


No drying out.
Our basic technology in all fridge-freezers is called DuoCooling. Thanks to two completely separate refrigeration circuits, it ensures that there is no exchange of air between the fridge and freezer compartments. The food neither dries out nor are odours transferred – so that only the Camembert smells and tastes like Camembert
Ideal for fruit and vegetables.
The guarantee of market freshness in the home is our EasyFresh-Safe. Whether it’s unpackaged vegetables or fruit, this ensures optimal storage for everything. Thanks to the air-tight closure, the food causes the humidity in the safe to rise. At the same temperature as in the fridge compartment and air-tight, lettuce, for example, remains crisp and fresh even after 10 days.
Our all rounder.
With the proven BioFresh technology, food is stored at a much cooler temperature than in the rest of the appliance. At temperatures just over 0°C and with perfect humidity, BioFresh offers the ideal storage conditions. The air-tight Fruit & Vegetable safe is the ideal environment for fresh produce. Meat, fish and dairy products are in good hands in the Meat & Dairy safe.
BioFresh Professional
Refrigerate like the professionals.
A special innovation can be found in BioFresh Professional and the brand new HydroBreeze feature. Every time the door is opened and after every 90 minutes, a fresh, cold mist is produced, which covers the fruit and vegetables like a balm. The mist ensures crisp freshness and improves the structure – coating the fruit and veg with a special wow effect.
Are there any ice cubes left?
An IceMaker means you never have to ask. With the IceMaker with fixed water connection, the water comes directly from the tap. The MaxIce function allows you to produce up to 1.5 kg of ice cubes a day. The ice cube separator helps to divide the drawer into any size you want – for example, ice cubes on the left, ice cream on the right – or just for ice cubes.
See your food.
When you open your freezer, you want to see frozen food – and certainly not ice and frost. NoFrost protects the freezer compartment from unwanted icing, which consumes a lot of energy and can be expensive. NoFrost means no more tedious and time-consuming defrosting of the freezer compartment, more time for other things – and saving money.
Shhh - listen carefully!
Your Liebherr is so quiet that you have to strain your ears to hear it. How is this achieved? All refrigeration components such as compressors, valves, fans and evaporators are optimised and perfectly adapted to one another. This means you only hear what you want to hear in your kitchen.
The cold fresh mist.
We found inspiration for the HydroBreeze in Salinas Valley in California. Due to the proximity to the cool Pacific Ocean, in the summer a fine humid mist covers the valley and the fields. This prevents the vegetables grown here from drying out.
Pure filtered water on tap.
Our InfinitySpring brings a crystal-clear source of water into the heart of your kitchen. Because water is healthy. Now lugging heavy crates and plastic bottles full of water are history. This means less strain on your back and also has our environment in mind. Simple and sustainable. This spring has its source in the fridge. ⸺ Ice-cold water on tap with no heavy lifting. The flush-mounted water dispenser is always there when it is needed and almost invisible when its not. It is suitable for containers of almost any size, also for carafes or bottles for the water carbonator. The integrated filter system ensures perfect water quality. By the way, in contrast to conventional table water filters, it only needs to be replaced every six months.
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