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MESSAGE TO CUSTOMERS: Our showroom is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Calls and email are being monitored so feel free to get in touch.

Innovative Refrigeration Technology

The refrigeration technology in the new BluPerformance appliances is integrated into the base of the appliance. By relocating both the condenser at the back of the appliance and the evaporation tray on the compressor, a far greater net capacity has been achieved. The appliances are equipped with highly efficient compressors and newly designed, precision electronic controls so that they are ultra-energy efficient.
1. Mains connection for plug
2. Distance piece for wall gap and power connection
3. VCC compressor
4. Plinth fan with sound absorber
5. Condenser
6. Defrost water tray

Ultra Long Lasting Freshness: BioFresh

The BluPerformance BioFresh appliance generation comes with significantly larger BioFresh drawers. In Premium BioFresh appliances, all safes can be flexibly set as either a HydroSafe (with a higher humidity level) or a DrySafe (with a lower humidity level) via the humidity control panel. The illuminated BioFresh drawers are fully extendable, effortlessly opened and closed (even when fully stocked), and completely removable as required. Premium appliance BioFresh drawers in are fitted with a self-retracting and soft closing mechanism. Integrated LED lighting, positioned in the BioFresh partition plate, provides perfect illumination of the drawers.

Design & Interior Features

When designing appliances, we follow the classic principle: ‘design follows function’. The aim is to make our concealed, highly efficient refrigeration technology discernible through the external, overall design. Our timeless HardLine design, with clear and minimalist lines, ensures that these appliances are a visual masterpiece in any kitchen or living environment. The new, integrated door hinging underscores the sharp, premium-quality appearance; meanwhile, the ergonomically shaped lever handle corresponds to the design language of the new HardLine doors. Convenient and easy door opening is ensured by the opening mechanism that is integrated into the handle.
The interior offers a VarioSafe – the perfect storage solution for smaller food items, packets, tubes and jars – and premium quality GlassLine fittings, which facilitate a clear, organised overview of stored food. LED ceiling lighting provides homogenous illumination throughout the entire interior. 

In Premium BioFresh models, the BioFresh partition plate features integrated LED rear wall lighting, which provides perfect interior illumination and wonderful presentation for food. 

The freezer compartment drawers are optimally illuminated from above via LED lighting housed under of the refrigerator compartment door. 

With the refrigeration technology integrated into the appliance plinth, there is no requirement for a condenser at the back of the appliance. Transport handles are integrated at the top of the appliance (rear side) to make moving and repositioning easier.

Electronics Concept

The new, Premium fridge-freezers come with a high-resolution, 7-inch touchscreen display integrated into the door. They offer maximum daily convenience with a large range of pre-defined programs and incredible ease-of-use. Information, energy saving tips and food storage recommendations can be readily accessed. According to requirements, up to six appliance functions can be simultaneously set up and displayed on the home screen for immediate Access.

Additional functions can also be activated to reduce energy consumption. For example: the EnergySaver program slightly increases the preset temperature; and the Holiday program raises the refrigerator compartment temperature to 15°C during prolonged absences, without affecting the freezer compartment temperature.


Liebherr’s SmartDeviceBox is an intelligent and convenient solution for networking appliances and provides access to three handy services: SmartHomePlus, SafetyPlus and ServicePlus. Liebherr uses these to offer more security, service and convenience. 

Available as an accessory, the SmartDeviceBox enables smart-device-compatible refrigerators to be simply and reliably controlled from mobile devices. 

The SmartDeviceBox can be used to obtain status and alarm messages from the refrigerator and to configure appliance settings. A special Liebherr BluPerformance feature: not only can individual appliances be networked; the entire BluPerformance range of 66 models can be equipped with the SmartDeviceBox. Further information can be found online at: www.smartdevice.liebherr.com.

Activated Charcoal Filter

On all BluPerformance fridge-freezers and refrigerators, a FreshAir activated charcoal filter is integrated into the PowerCooling fan’s housing. This cleans the circulating air and quickly traps contaminating odours to ensure optimum air quality. The electronic control panel features a convenient reminder function, which indicates when the filter needs changing.

There’s every reason to be excited about Liebherr’s new BluPerformance refrigerators and freezers – they are absolutely head turning amazing!

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Blue Performance 2016

BluPerformance Brochure

Read about all of the BluPerformance innovative features and benefits.
bluperformance brochure
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